Python Tales and Plone Stories


Our Blog About Plone and Python

This blog is about Plone, Python and related topics. It reflects the personal views and opinions of its different authors of 4teamwork. If you have questions or corrections to our articles, you are invited to get in touch with us!

4teamwork is a Plone software company based in Bern, Switzerland, consisting of a young and motivated team of 15 skilled developers and consultants.

We have been around in the Plone community for quite some time: Starting at the very early stage of Plone in 2002 and 2003, we have been witnessing its overwhelming growth and maturation during the past decade. On a side note, we had the privilege of organizing the very first Plone sprint in winter 2003 in Bern — as it turns out, the original website of this historic sprint is still available here. Since then, we have been designing, developing, and maintaining sophisticated web solutions in Plone for many governmental and non profit organizations, like (canton of Zug, Switzerland), (capital of Switzerland) or (Amnesty International Switzerland). Furthermore, we help companies setting up their own intranet and/or extranet web service using Plone.

In the past few years, we have started to make our various developments publicly available. All these modules are actively maintained and continuously developed. Feel free to browse (and use) our numerous repositories on Any feedback (or pull requests ;) is welcome!

IMHO, Plone and Python are still going strong – let’s see what the future will hold!